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A house with history in Antigua Guatemala

A special place inside the majestic city of Antigua Guatemala

History of Hotel Casa Antigua & Antigua Guatemala

Welcome to our Hotel Casa Antigua a special place inside the majestic city of Antigua Guatemala.  We hope that during your stay here you will discover the enchantment of both our hotel and Antigua.

Antigua is listed by UNESCO as a cultural monument of America in their world heritage list.  For many years it was the capital of the Reino de Goathemala, founded in 1543, after the previous capital (now Ciudad Vieja) was destroyed by a flash flood coming from a nearby Volcán de Agua .

Hotel Casa Antigua - Hallway

Antigua is as old as Mexico, Lima or Santo Domingo, the first big cities of this continent.  The Spaniards ruled all Central America from Antigua.  An earthquake in 1773 almost destroyed it.  As a consequence the government ordered a move to what is now Guatemala City.  A group of people decided not to obey the order and remain in Antigua. Among them the owners of this house.

Many personalities and people have lived here and left their footprints.  Among them are Hermano Pedro , canonized in 2003 by Pope Jean Paul II.  While walking on the streets he used to repeat: Remember brothers, that only one soul we have and, if we lose it, we will never recover it.  Also, Francisco Marroquín , as well as Bartolomé de las Casas , founder of the human rights movement in the world.  University of San Carlos, the fourth to be established in America, was founded here.  Now this city is visited by artist, politicians, history and culture lovers (Mel Gibson, Bill Clinton, etc.).

Hotel Casa Antigua - King's Bed

Antigua has been described in many ways by different writers.  Rafael Landivar, a Jesuitic priest expelled by the government, remembers in Bologna, Italy, your dowries, your fountains, your plazas, your temples.  He remembered how, in spite of the streets being full of people, there prevails a kind silence.  He applauded the fact of been alive after the 1773 earthquake.  He remembers its aligned streets, open to the surround of the city, as well as big temples with columns of carved rock.

During the 20 century the most famous Antigua writer was Luis Cardoza.  For him, Antigua was a blouse smelly of the sky, a slice of time that made you fill out of this planet.  For him Antigua was a monumental phantom, a place in which the rumor of the night touches your bones.

In Antigua, you will see everywhere roses and Bougainvilleas .  This elevates on & over the walls.  During holly week, this city if full of processions and religious activities.  All the church bells are ringing.

During the 21 century, Antigua is both the same & a new city, full of services: hotels, restaurants, laundry services, Internet cafes, travel agencies, adventure tourism, newspapers, ice cream shops, markets, pre-paid cell phone stores & many schools to learn Spanish.  This and much more is Antigua at this moment.


About our hotel

You are in a house that has so much history inside it.  Its style is colonial but it was built at different times in Guatemala's history as an independent republic.  Many of the pieces you will find inside the hotel rooms come from the 18th and 19th century.  Such as a very large bed that was hand carved for King Mosquitia of Nicaragua, one of the original chandeliers of the Cathedral of Antigua and a bed that was once in a house of "Hermano Pedro".  In this house five generations of the Pellecer family have lived.  They were emigrating between Guatemala and Nicaragua so you will see characteristics and artifacts from both countries.

This house is located in an area in which the Spanish inquisition operated after the conquest.  Some construction workers said that if you built something during this time it was not unusual to find human remains and other evidence of darker times.

Within a few blocks of the hotel you find important institutions: The Jesuitism convent (now managed as an artistic and convention center by the Spanish cooperation), the Cathedral, the Central Park with its unique fountain, Iglesia de la Merced, Capuchinas convent, El Palacio de los Capitanes, The Ayuntamiento and many restaurants and shops.  Four blocks to the west is the craft market and bus terminal.  Six blocks to the south east is a recommended church to visit: Iglesia de San Francisco, where you will see many faith testimonies to Hermano Pedro.  This is a city to be walked.  In this way you will discover the hidden treasures of our beautiful city of Antigua Guatemala.

Inside the hotel you will see one of a kind antiques of great value. In one room is the larger than king size bed that was made for the King of Mosquitia in Nicaragua.  It was originally made in Jamaica and then transported to Central America.  In another room you will see a bed owned by Doña Elvira, previously a governor.  Hermano Pedro also slept in this bed.  In another room there is a marvelous chandelier that once hung in Antigua's Cathedral.  In the corridors you will see paintings by Toribio Jerez from 1850.  In addition, you will see many pieces in the house that came from France to Granada Nicaragua and finally to this house.

Another detail present in some hotel rooms is the casullas from 19 century.  Even if things are partially destroyed, it is possible to appreciate its artistic achievement dedicated to catholic movements.  As soon as you enter you will see a drawing resembling the method of working during old times.  In this house a jewelry factory operated two centuries ago.  In the hotel corridors and inside some hotel rooms you will see tables, desks, drawers, chairs, from the 19th and 20th centuries used to display their jewelry.  Every piece is original and unique.

More recently in this house operated the first radio station outside of Guatemala City, Radio Colonial.   In 1945, in this house was founded the political party that brought into power Juan José Arevalo, probably one of the best presidents this country has had.

Still more recently, in August 2006, many scenes of the film Looking for Palladin, were filmed in this hotel.  A film in which famous actors participated: Ben Gazara, Thalia Share, Angelica Aragon, Pedro Armendariz Jr. David Rostow and many others.  So, we do not exaggerate when we say, it is a movie hotel.

This hotel is part of a chain of small hotels and all in Antigua Guatemala: Hotel Casa Rustica, Posada Don Valentino, Hotel Casa del Parque, Posada Doña Luisa, Hotel Meson del Valle, Hotel Las Camelias Inn, Hotel Convento Santa Catalina, Posada San Vicente and Hostal Antigua. All of them share a philosophy of respect for culture and the environment while trying to please our guests.